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    I was watching an old episode of ‘The Office’ the other night. It was one of the Christmas episodes, and there was this doll that was apparently all the rage with young girls that season, so of course Dwight bought them all up and was selling them for profit. Daryl bought the last one from Dwight though, leaving Toby in quite the lurch (apparently he has a daughter too). In desperation, Toby buys the last doll off of Daryl, but there’s a problem. Daryl who is black, had bought a black doll for his black daughter. Toby, who is white, and I’m assuming from how the scene played out has awhite daughter. So, naturally he wanted a doll who… was white. Wait. Stop the bus. Did that “logic” make anyone even the slightest bit uncomfortable? Possibly even more than the slightest bit? If little girls are gendered the way that society deems appropriate, which unfortunately many if not most are, they tend to have a lot of dolls. Those dolls are primarily white. Those dolls primarily have long blonde hair. Nothing is wrong with a doll that is white and has long blonde hair, but when all the dolls look like this for the most part, then it does become a problem, and a serious one at that. Little girls see these dolls they play with as beautiful and many hope to look just like them. Not only is this a problem for the little girls who have short blonde hair, or curly hair that just isn’t as luscious as Barbie’s, or isn’t as shiny or smooth, but can you imagine what it would feel like to have your race or ethnicity completely unrepresented. A lot of young girls do know this feeling all to well. And what are they to think? Is this one look, white skin and blonde hair, what it means to be beautiful? It must be if that’s all there is, right? Wrong. And how are the the girls who do look like this supposed to feel towards other girls who do not look like them and their dolls? They should probably not like them, right? Wrong. Now imagine, if you have a bunch of different Barbie dolls who all look different; different everything - hair color, length, skin tones, eye color, race, ethnicity, the whole lot of it. Then do you think little Susie is still going to think she’s not pretty and that something is wrong with her? Do you think little Becky is still going to give Susie weird looks (if not worse) when she notices differences in their hair color, texture, skin color, etcetera…? Doesn’t that seem to make a bit more sense then what we have going on right now? That’s why I love these dolls that are pictured. They give off such a positive and beautiful message. The natural portrayal of what many women and girls really look like. They may not have long beautiful blonde hair, but they have something else that is just as equally beautiful. ~Madison Montgomery~

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      The Office is pretty savvy. That part in that episode is supposed to make people uncomfortable. Yes, it’s a comedic...
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      These barbies are really beautiful…
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      I agree with this message, I totally do, but…this is The Office you’re talking about. It’s supposed to be uncomfortable....
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      They are beautiful.
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      Where can I buy these? Where can the public buy these?!?!? Please post a link?
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